Artist Statement

Welcome to Amelia Island Artist. My name is Suzanne Batchelor. While I live and paint on Amelia Island Florida, my earliest artistic influence came from living in Delft, Holland with my father, and from summers visiting his home outside of Brussels Belgium. During that time and for years to follow, I had the unique opportunity to visit museums and galleries across Europe, but my most vivid memories are of the unique "light" that usually arrived around dusk - the golden hour - while lingering with my Dad chatting in ancient buildings over a cappuccino or a glass of wine. I smile now, realizing that artists spend hours with three-sided boxes and lamps trying to recreate the ambiance which I now understand was  a privilege and natural occurrence for the old masters I currently study.

My journey as an artist is equipped with those lovely memories of the phenomenal light found in those old cafes and farmhouses I shared with my Dad. I am an evolutionary. While I enjoy painting people, I am also drawn to painting still life, animals and nature. I am studying classical techniques to achieve representational work and believe I will continue to study, learn and dabble with more impressionistic styles in the future.